Energy Assistance Program (EAP) Responds to COVID-19 New Financial Hardships

The Minnesota Energy Assistance Program (EAP) continues not only normal operations but has developed ways to respond to new financial hardships created by the COVID-19 crisis. Federally, the government is providing an additional $900 million in LIHEAP funding to states. Minnesota’s exact amount in not known yet.

Also, in response, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is making some important policy changes with the Energy Assistance Program:

Eligibility Period Change. Starting April 1, 2020, through the end of FFY20, households only need to provide one month of income proof. Applications signed on or after April 1 require only income proof from the last full calendar month to determine eligibility. This change helps households with a recent change in income apply for assistance without having to wait potentially months to become eligible.

Application Deadline Extended to July.  Commerce EAP is extending the deadline for households to apply for EAP benefits to July 1. This change allows EAP to serve the expected increase of eligible households.

Income Guidelines Updated.  Income guidelines have been updated on the Commerce’s website and the application is being updated to reflect these changes.

The Department of Commerce will explore additional ways to help those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Additional policy changes will be shared as they become available.

Any questions, please contact the Association office at (800) 864-3813.