Help With New Face Covering Requirements

Related to the new face covering requirements, a Business is required to:

1)   Inclusion of face coverings requirements in businesses’ COVID-19 Preparedness Plans. All businesses must update their COVID-19 Preparedness Plan to include the face covering requirements of the Executive Order, including those that have been incorporated into the Industry Guidance applicable to their business available on the Stay Safe Minnesota website (

2)    Notice of face coverings requirements. Businesses must post one or more signs that are visible to all persons – including workers, customers, and visitors-instructing them to wear face coverings as required in the Executive Order.

To help our members meet these requirements, here are a few links that you may find useful.

  • Example Face Covering Poster see here.

The most up to date Preparedness Plan Template see hereYou may have to add language in your plan dealing with the new face covering requirements that related to your specific businesses.