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Reminder to Obligated Parties

Biodiesel Mandate.

In May of 2018 Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill that modified the biodiesel mandate chapter 239.77. The following should help you understand the changes and what actions you will need to take to sell biodiesel at retail…

• During the cold weather months, October 1 through March 31, the biodiesel mandate reverts back to at least 5% biodiesel fuel by volume.

• Future years, April 1, will start the bio content of 20%

• Also included is a ramp up period. Retailers will have 14 days to bring the fuel they sell up to b-20 in April of 2019 and going forward. The minimum content for the ramp up is b-10.

o April 1, 2019 the minimum biodiesel requirement is 10%
o April 15, 2019 the minimum biodiesel requirement is 20%

• Exemptions to Statute 239.77 below:

o Motors located at an electric generating plant regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Railroad locomotives.

o Off-road taconite and copper mining equipment and machinery.

o Off-road logging equipment and machinery.

o Vessels of the United States Coast Guard and vessels subject to inspection under United States Code, title 46, section 3301.

o Generators tested and validated by an entity that designs and manufactures the generators for use in jurisdictions where biodiesel use is not required.

o #1 diesel fuel exemption permanent into perpetuity.

• On April 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019, considered warm months, the biodiesel content must be at least 20% biodiesel fuel by volume going forward.

• The Federal Trade Commission sticker (see label) is required at the point-of-sale on all retail diesel fuel pumps.

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