US DOT COVID-19 Guidance for Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements


The U.S. DOT has issued guidance for employers who may have difficulty conducting mandated federal drug and alcohol testing due the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Barriers to testing include unavailability of collection sites, breath alcohol technicians (BAT), medical review officers (MRO) and substance abuse professionals (SAP) caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The guidance provides employers with testing flexibility by recognizing COVID-19 as a possible barrier to testing. In some cases, missed tests must take place at a later date according to the guidance.

WARNING! This is not a blanket waiver of U.S. DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements. Employers must follow existing regulations requiring a detailed written explanation on why testing could not be conducted or delayed until a later date and the reasonable efforts taken to find alternative testing venues. Moreover, in no case can an employee, including drivers, conduct safety sensitive functions without first obtaining a negative pre-employment test for drugs and a negative return-to-duty test for drug and alcohol. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE