Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association

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The Association was formed in 1923 to provide services to the petroleum marketer, to help them at all levels of government, and to support fellow marketers. The Association has four main emphases – education, regulatory analysis and programs to help with compliance, legislative and regulatory monitoring, and services for the members. 

Our History

It all began February of 1923,  when a group of oilmen met at the St. Paul Athletic Club to discuss forming a single group to represent them all.  The vision of these industry pioneers was contained in the Articles of Incorporation of the organization.  “The general purpose,”  the articles state, “shall be the social, educational and scientific welfare of the wholesale distributors and jobbers of petroleum products…” 

In July of 1924, the first newsletter of this Association was published.  The newsletter has been going out every month since that time.  In that first newsletter it stated “the convention held at the St. Paul Hotel was a big success from an attendance standpoint.  There was a total of 74 registrants and we feel confident that all of them left the meeting with a better understanding of the oil business and a more cooperative and friendly spirit toward their competitors.”  The Association and its activities have continued to grow over the years.

The Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association has become one of the strongest petroleum associations in the country.  This Association is simply an organization that functions at the behest of and soley for the benefit of the members.