MPCA has about $125,000 in total grant funding available for projects that aim to reduce emissions of high global warming potential greenhouse gas refrigerants, such as Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, from grocery, convenience store, and/or food storage facilities and transport vehicles in Minnesota.

The MPCA’s grant projects will identify and encourage voluntary emission reductions from chillers and cooling equipment use. Some substitutes are available to HFC refrigerants, and alternative methods to reduce refrigerant use can be identified and can reduce emissions associated with refrigerants. Through leak detection, monitoring and repair, system retirement and retrofitting, green refrigerant technology, environmentally friendly refrigerants, and sale and recycling, the emissions from refrigerants can be greatly reduced.

Application deadline is December 11, 2020. The maximum award is $40,000. The match requirement is 25%.

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