March 2023

Legislative Update

The legislature has continued its rapid pace this session. But have slowed somewhat in recent weeks as committees are starting to meet their deadlines. Deadlines are self-imposed stop points that the legislators put on themselves so they can finish their work in a timely fashion. The first deadline ended on the 10th of March and the second deadline will end on the 24th of March.

On a positive note, our number one priority Senate File 1163 our Biofuel’s infrastructure bill was given a hearing in the Senate Commerce and Consumer protection committee. This is an important step as now it will be given further con-sideration for inclusion in a larger budget bill. We have worked closely with our Senate and House authors on getting this bill through. It’s a hard process but we remain hopeful that our bill will be included in the final budget agreement.

Our other top priority, the attempt to repeal the below cost sales statute, has moved forward. We need your help by contacting your local legislators to halt this bill. Despite dozens of meetings, hundreds of phone calls and countless emails, the belief this will lower the price of fuel has legislators mistaken. We need you to keep telling folks what im-pact this would have on your business.

Looking forward to the legislature will go for a Easter/Passover break from April 5-10th and giving a crucial time for us to keep talking to legislators. We may furthermore be setting up in district meetings with legislators and you to talk in person with your local legislators about our important issues. If this is something that interests you, get a hold of Dallas at and we will set up meeting in district if you and your legislators are available