The service is available for one year at no cost to retailers.

Visa said it has enabled the Visa Transaction Advisor (VTA) to help protect fuel retailers who have not yet upgraded their pumps to EMV compliance standards. The service is available at no charge to gas stations and convenience stores for one year as of April 17, 2021.

The VTA system uses extensive transaction data from Visa along with risk scoring capabilities to provide real-time risk assessments. When a customer uses a Visa card at any participating automated fuel dispenser, VTA analyzes up to 500 different variables, calculates the risk of the transaction and if the risk score is too high, the customer is prompted to go inside the store to complete the transaction. Most fraudsters prefer to drive away instead of going inside. VTA requires little or no new investment in gas station infrastructure and operates invisibly to the cardholder to ensure a positive customer experience. VTA will only apply to Visa non-EMV AFD transactions. More information is here.